Monday, December 31, 2007

3 hours to the new year

It's nine PM on the west coast, and we move back to the states tomorrow. I'm up in the hotel with a bit of a headache, waiting for the move to be over. Today I let in the cleaning crew into our old house, watched the Price is Right with Drew Carey & Beyond Planet of the Apes, came back & steam cleaned our old house's carpet, dropped off the cleaner, hit the driving range with my friends, got dinner at Boston Pizza, and waited for my daughter to go to sleep. I'll probably get to bed before midnight too.

What does this have to do with the art project? Not much, but the good news is once I'm back in my old house in the states, it will be easier to do things like make a kiln from scratch, fire pit, etc.

Happy new year!


  1. hello- found your blog because I am planning to do some backyard flax growing. I think your project sounds great and look forward to reading your archives and see what you are up to in the new year.

  2. Thanks Katie!

    Best of luck the the Flax. When my Mom transplanted the flax, it suffered a bit. It never did grow as tall as I thought it would. As I set the start date to 4004 BC, my project doesn't require I grow, harvest, rett, prepare & spin the flax. I'm allowed to use pre-made flax thread, as long as it wasn't made industrially. Are you considering spinning your own thread from the plants you grow? If so, would you be interested in a barter? Perhaps some natural pigments in exchange for it?